Monday, 20 November 2017

Transferring Title Is Important For Either Party

Buying and selling vehicles is a huge business in State of California. Road seems to be more friendly and welcoming when you are driving your own car. Some may afford brand new set of wheels while other may adjust well with the used cars. However availing DMV Services is mandatory for all. This ensues legal driving and possession of your vehicle. 


Your car is not your car. In other words if you do not have title in your name ownership of yours on your car is not legally established. Pertaining to this no other actions related to vehicle ownership could be done. The issues that come up most commonly include inability to resell the vehicle, get it insured and stay away from the traffic police tickets and punishments. There are certain more complications to it as far as the financing and bank requisitions are concerned. 


When it comes to the benefit of transferring title it starts with the peace of mind it offers whether you are a buyer or seller of the vehicle. This being said should be realized that the title transfer services are as important as auto registration services. None of them are complete withouteach other.

DMV does not consider any family member to keep you free from the process of transferring title. 

DMV does not provide any online assistance for this but there are some very good options of taking up title transfer services with the help of independent companies. These keep you free from any hassles of personal visits. 

Get familiar with the various possible situations when you need to transfer title. 

1)When it is sold and bought from a private seller.
2)When one family member gifts the vehicle to other family person.
3)When a couple gets legally separated.
4)When you donate it to charitable organization. 

Location: Los Angeles, CA, USA


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