Thursday, 11 January 2018

Why Do People Hate Waiting At The DMV?

Where there is a problem there is a way, way to solve the issue. Running away is not a solution to any problem, not even to the hassles you face at the DMV office. You are expected to visit the field office for DMV registration renewal or for replacement of lost car title. You must be worried from weeks before your visit. When asked what the major hurdle in availing DMV services is, most of the Californian drivers answered the long waiting hours. Before your turn would come you would be tested and troubled to the infinity.

Do you really hate waiting at DMV?

Question that arises here is do you really hate to wait in never ending DMV lines? Don’t you enjoy it? If you don’t enjoy it then why do you contribute to the long queues? Do you have any answer? If not then you must have got clue this blog has a clear intent to open up your eyes.

Majority of the Californian drivers don’t make the use of their brains and then end up blaming the department of motor vehicles. Ask yourself before blaming the department how much prepared you go to avail auto registration services? If you are not visiting the official website of your state DMV then it is your mistake and nobody else should be blamed for the same.

It solely depends on you how you utilize the online services of the department. Instead of making queries in personal you are free to get attended over phone by the DMV officials. You can also check for the requirements and other information via mail. With technological advancements DMV has also upgraded its services manifold. Now before you plan your visit to the local DMV office you can check the waiting time. This ways it becomes lot more convenient as you are not bound to wait and you can expect less of crowd when you reach there. Twitter is another medium that keeps you updated for any news related to your DMV concerns. 

There are many things one can try, you only need to open up your mind and make best use of the options available.

Monday, 20 November 2017

Transferring Title Is Important For Either Party

Buying and selling vehicles is a huge business in State of California. Road seems to be more friendly and welcoming when you are driving your own car. Some may afford brand new set of wheels while other may adjust well with the used cars. However availing DMV Services is mandatory for all. This ensues legal driving and possession of your vehicle. 


Your car is not your car. In other words if you do not have title in your name ownership of yours on your car is not legally established. Pertaining to this no other actions related to vehicle ownership could be done. The issues that come up most commonly include inability to resell the vehicle, get it insured and stay away from the traffic police tickets and punishments. There are certain more complications to it as far as the financing and bank requisitions are concerned. 


When it comes to the benefit of transferring title it starts with the peace of mind it offers whether you are a buyer or seller of the vehicle. This being said should be realized that the title transfer services are as important as auto registration services. None of them are complete withouteach other.

DMV does not consider any family member to keep you free from the process of transferring title. 

DMV does not provide any online assistance for this but there are some very good options of taking up title transfer services with the help of independent companies. These keep you free from any hassles of personal visits. 

Get familiar with the various possible situations when you need to transfer title. 

1)When it is sold and bought from a private seller.
2)When one family member gifts the vehicle to other family person.
3)When a couple gets legally separated.
4)When you donate it to charitable organization. 

Thursday, 26 October 2017


Things are meant to be lost and found. Man’s tendency is to misplace them or get them stolen. Quite similar is the scene with vehicle title. Having title inside the car is simultaneous to losing it. In other words if you keep the car title inside, the possibilities of losing, damaging or misplacing it increase manifold. Therefore car owners should always be keeping copy of it safe at home.

Car title can be replaced when damaged or stolen from State’s Department of Vehicles. Just like other DMV services it has a set procedure and it is largely the same in all states. However you should visit the website of your state DMV before reaching the field office in person. It will save your time and efforts for sure. For getting a duplicate copy of the vehicle title you have to show some documents of the ownership of the vehicle.

It is relatively simple to obtain duplicate car title when the title was in your name. There are times which are trickier for the car owners such as losing the title certificate when it was still to be transferred in your name. For a clear picture imagine you have purchased a car from private seller and he signed the title document for transfer process. Before you could get it transferred in your name you lost the document. Don’t lose your mind; every problem has at least one solution to it.


This means you have lost the very important document before getting it in your name. It is obvious that the replacement can be obtained only by the legal owner of the vehicle from DMV. So you have to find the seller and ask him to order title replacement and then sign it over to you. This is so dependent on the availability and intentions of the seller, you might need to take court orders in case he does not co-operate. Any vehicle owner can lose his compose after taking up the auto registration services and other services at DMV in person because of the complications and confusions. Nevertheless there are some better alternatives of completing the DMV requisites such as mailing, availing online services. 

Monday, 2 October 2017

Must Know Tips To Expedite DMV Visits

Never ending queues at local DMV office test your patience and you try hard to maintain your compose. Almost every time you fail in doing that as the chaos at DMV office is never less. Owning vehicle could have been much more pleasant minus the obligation to take up DMV services in regular intervals. Though it is not possible to eliminate the DMV part but it can be made much faster, easier and convenient if you follow these tips in California.


California being the most populated state with 37 million residents has a very huge number of drivers. Most of these meet each other in the local DMV offices and blame fellow drivers to reach on the same day when you decided. DMV probably will work like this for many more years to come but the modern ways of availing auto registration services and other DMV related services can save lot of your time.  

DMV in California strives to make things better for the customers. Innovative solutions offered to vehicle owners (and drivers) speak together for its determination and efforts in the direction. It is quite up to you how updated you stay with the new ways opened up by DMV.

1)iPhone application. This application is the newest of all and helps the users to find a local DMV office and also gives you direction to reach there, informing you the office’s average wait time simultaneously. Moreover this application is free to download.

2)Telephone interactive voice response system. Use IVR system to renew driver license and vehicle registration. Though the love technicians cannot accept payments over the telephone, but the users can take the benefit of paying through debit and credit cards for such transactions. Don’t waste time in visiting local field office for making payments.

3)Online appointments. Users can save their time by making use of online appointment. Schedule your appointment prior visiting the field office and avoid waiting lines. You can book an appointment 45 calendar days in advance for driver license, vehicle registration and driving test etc.

4)Tweet DMV. DMV has entered the world of social media. Stay tuned to know the latest DMV announcements, news, FAQs. Customers can save time by tweeting @CA_DMV.

Thursday, 13 July 2017

Do You Know How To Prepare For Your DMV Road Test?

To get the drivers license, it is required to take a DMV road test. To drive safely on the highways and roads, it is important to be aware about all the rules and regulations that are mandatory. To clear the test the first time, it is required to practice everything that is needed to know in advance.

The overall performance is graded by an examiner who rides along with you. Their job is instructing you on where to drive and what to do. Anytime, you are caught not doing things correctly, your pints will be deducted. Hence, you must be familiar with your vehicle. Also, make sure to look and use your mirrors before stepping in the traffic.

When it comes to DMV services, everything is done carefully. Slamming on your brakes can also chop off your points. This is because you must know how to come to a smooth and slow stop. Also, taking off smoothly without jerking the passengers is quite important. Whether or not you position your hands correctly while steering and making turns also counts. What else, you should also know how to use the basic features which includes how to use the wipers and turning on the lights when needed.

Talking about other things, the examiner grades you on the way you judge distances and whether or not you follow the given speed limit signs. You must know how to back up your vehicle and how to park including parallel parking correctly. Moreover, it is very important to be courteous as it helps in avoiding accidents. Aim of DMV road test is ensuring everyone who receives a license knows how to drive safely. Therefore, you get the permission to drive only after proving you are worthy.

Once you have made it and cleared the test, welcome into the wide world of auto registration services. Waiting for what? Prepare yourself and earn yourself the driving license. 

Monday, 26 June 2017


Even best drivers make mistakes of parking illegally at some point of time in their lives. It is also not impossible to forget to bring cash while crossing toll. Unfortunate experiences like these get recorded on your record. Drivers in California are supposed to pay the toll and parking violations before they are allowed to renew the registration. Outstanding violations will be included in your registration renewal notice.


The process for paying parking or toll violations largely depends on where the citation was issued to the driver. The payment instructions can be found on the citation where you will find where and how exactly your citation can be paid.  The options include taking up online DMV services or by mail or in person. The drivers also have the right to contest the traffic violation for parking. This information will also be available on the citation itself. Drivers should pay the violations as soon as possible as the registration renewal cannot be completed without clearing your record from violations.

Drivers can follow the process of payment in 3 ways. The options available are:


When you decide to pay the agency that issued your citation the fee, you will have to submit the below mentioned documents at the DMV office for clearing your record and renewing the vehicle registration.

A)Notice of Disposition of Parking/Toll Violation (REG 194R)
B)Notice of Disposition of Multiple Parking/Toll Violations (REG 197).
C)Receipt from the agency with the citation number, date paid, and the agency name or code.
D)Letter, on the issuing agencies' letterhead, complete with citation number and the date the payment was received.
E)Cancelled check payable to the toll/parking agency showing the bail amount and the citation number.

The renewal notice will include the total fees due to clear off the violations. Don’t forget to collect the receipt for the payments.

Online payment of the violations is also possible. Payment of the violations can be done whether the renewal date is close or not.

Friday, 16 June 2017

DMV Services Are Now Easy Than You Think

Driving a vehicle legally needs registration services done the right way. If you have a vehicle and you are all set to drive it, make sure to get it registered at the DMV office. Best thing about these services is that they are not available and one can get them done in the easiest way right from their home or office. 

If we go few years back, DMV services were seriously a sort of headache as it was required to stand in the long lines to get the application approved. Besides, the form used to be lengthy and complicated. Talking about the present era, everything has got better and fast and one can get the process done right from their home or office. Needless to say, this is quite interesting and time saving.

Apart from getting a vehicle registered, there are many other services to look for. These include:
1)Registration renewal
2)Title transfer
3)Replacement of lost document
4)Fleet vehicle registration
5)Violation assistance and much more

Whatever type of DMV service you are looking for, get it done in shortest time without involving yourself in useless and time taking procedures. You must be looking for this feature from long and now you have got it.

To get the best of auto registration services, it is required to take the services from the right professional only. As there are many experts available, make sure you hire the best ones to get the best assistance. Also, keep in mind that you need to opt for the ones who don’t drag you in paying high fees.

So, get started with auto registration services now and take your vehicle anywhere you want. Don’t forget that driving an unregistered vehicle can take you into paying fines or penalties, Stay safe with certified auto registration services that are available in the easiest way.