Wednesday, 11 January 2017


A custom built car is something personal and close to heart of the owner. It is at times homemade and it is not meant to be reselling. Home made cars those are not manufactured by some licensed company. People may prepare the kit vehicle or trailer for private use. Custom cars include the passenger vehicles that are modified either to improve the performance on road or to satisfy the style curb of the owner. As the original version may not be satisfying the requirements of the owner, they get it tuned up to their expectations. This make custom cars even more special as they are modified rather personified and but obviously unique. You own this car not to park it in your garage, right? Referring to the DMV registration services in your state will be the best thing to start with. 

Cars that need special attention may include but are not limited to electric powered vehicles, homemade automobiles, trucks or motorcycles, kit vehicles like trucks, motorcycles. You might want to make sure how do the registration of a normal car and custom car differ and to which extent. They actually are similar to great extent. However few things noteworthy are mentioned below for your help to avail a smooth DMV service for your loved car. 

1)Completed application form for registration.

2)Completed statement of construction.

3)Vehicle Safety Inspection

4)Certificate of origin.

5)Proof of ownership of all the major parts like engine, body and transmission. 

6)Certificate of official brake and light adjustments. 

7)Weight certificate (for commercial vehicles)

8)Emission test certificate

9)Due Fees

You have invested time, efforts and all the money to possess the car; you of course do not want to provoke the question of the sort who owns it. Register and go for a pride ride.


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