Friday, 10 March 2017


A driver should know how important it is in California to have all the documents in place for avoiding any ticketing issues. Out of all the auto registration services provided by the department of motor vehicles, driver’s license is most important. Do you ever realize the importance of it? Run down the article to understand the significance of holding and carrying driver’s license every time you step out of your house. 

1)It validates your identity as a licensed driver. Your license in the first place notifies law enforcement body of your state and place that you are legally allowed to drive a motor vehicle in that region.

2)It serves as your official ID. You may need to produce this very important document in various cases while opening a new bank account, applying for loans, using debit or credit card and many such. 

3)It helps you survive an accident. People present there at the site of accident look out for the ID proof and take necessary action. God forbid if you get involved in an accident, it will be a great support. 

4)It will help you when your wallet gets lost or misplaced. The person who will find it can determine its owner’s name and address easily with the help of driver’s license. 

5)It will help you help others even after death. The symbol of universal organ donor given on your license will make it easier for doctors to confirm to donate your organs after your death.  

6)It will help you purchase tobacco or alcohol. When you want to party with friends, getting alcohol can get impossible without showing up your driver’s license. In case you have misplaced it, or it is about to cross the expiry date, you have the alternative of using online DMV services for a fast and hassle free renewal of license. 

7)It will be proving your age when required. Like in case you want to enter the club. Bouncers will only permit you if you satisfy the age criterion. 

Ensure it is with you every time in your wallet. If it is lost or stolen contact DMV at the earliest as it is the most important content of your wallet. 

Location: Los Angeles, CA, USA


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