Monday, 2 October 2017

Must Know Tips To Expedite DMV Visits

Never ending queues at local DMV office test your patience and you try hard to maintain your compose. Almost every time you fail in doing that as the chaos at DMV office is never less. Owning vehicle could have been much more pleasant minus the obligation to take up DMV services in regular intervals. Though it is not possible to eliminate the DMV part but it can be made much faster, easier and convenient if you follow these tips in California.


California being the most populated state with 37 million residents has a very huge number of drivers. Most of these meet each other in the local DMV offices and blame fellow drivers to reach on the same day when you decided. DMV probably will work like this for many more years to come but the modern ways of availing auto registration services and other DMV related services can save lot of your time.  

DMV in California strives to make things better for the customers. Innovative solutions offered to vehicle owners (and drivers) speak together for its determination and efforts in the direction. It is quite up to you how updated you stay with the new ways opened up by DMV.

1)iPhone application. This application is the newest of all and helps the users to find a local DMV office and also gives you direction to reach there, informing you the office’s average wait time simultaneously. Moreover this application is free to download.

2)Telephone interactive voice response system. Use IVR system to renew driver license and vehicle registration. Though the love technicians cannot accept payments over the telephone, but the users can take the benefit of paying through debit and credit cards for such transactions. Don’t waste time in visiting local field office for making payments.

3)Online appointments. Users can save their time by making use of online appointment. Schedule your appointment prior visiting the field office and avoid waiting lines. You can book an appointment 45 calendar days in advance for driver license, vehicle registration and driving test etc.

4)Tweet DMV. DMV has entered the world of social media. Stay tuned to know the latest DMV announcements, news, FAQs. Customers can save time by tweeting @CA_DMV.

Location: Los Angeles, CA, USA


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